Training concept

MgSafe Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) are trained according to the concept of “T‑based skills”:

The ESRs will achieve an in depth training to become scientific specialists in a specified field, whereas the horizontal bar of the ‘T’ indicates broad skills necessary for the ability to collaborate across disciplines with experts of other areas and to apply knowledge in areas of expertise other than one's own1.

MgSafe will stimulate critical knowledge based scientific thinking across traditional academic borders and provide deep understanding of a highly specialised field. In parallel, MgSafe offers the broad overview industry requires from future employees.

MgSafe training is based on three main pillars:

        WP5: Professional interdisciplinary skills for the development of medical devices;

        WP6: Presenting science to various target communities;

        WP7: Leadership in science and industry.

Thus, MgSafe focusses on the crucial aspects for a better employability specifically needed in the growing field of medical device industry.


Training events

June 2021 I Warsaw, Poland

In Warsaw, the ESRs will receive in depth training on material science and research. They will hold their 2nd ESR days and present their progress in work to the MgSafe consortium and the external experts of the Scientific Advisory Board.

May 2021 I Gothenburg, Sweden

The training focusses on histological techniques. Beside this, the ESRs will hold their first ESR days.

March 2021 I Hannover, Germany

The training in Hannover is a workshop on writing skills and good scientific practice, in addition, enhancing and supplementing the workshop in Graz. This training will be in the 2nd week of March.

March 2021 I Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This training event is on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Photoacoustics & Ultrasound Imaging including a media training specially tailored to the needs of the ESRs and will take place in the first week of March 2021.

December 2020 I Pisa, Italy

In Pisa, all ESRs will present their progress in work, and ESR representatives will take part in the respective boards meetings. This together with the Project Management workshop will enhance their project management and thus their leadership skills. A professional interdisciplinary training on Positron Emission Tomography (PET) complements the training in Pisa. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, this training will be virtual.

December 2019 I Graz, Austria

The training in Graz was timed around the mid-term meeting with Ioanna Peppa, the EU Project Officer (PO) of MgSafe.

It started with theoretical and hands-on sessions on in vivo experiments followed by a visit of the facilities on site. The second part of the training was on scientific writing and a workshop ‘Personal Learning Environment’.

September 2019 I Brüttisellen, Switzerland

The training event in Brüttisellen was hosted by SCANCO and planned by WUT with contributions of the partners HZG, MUG, SYN, OsloMet and BRI.T. There were lectures and live demos as well as hands on sessions.

The training included Mg alloy design and processing: degradable implant materials, basics in metal physics and corrosion, introduction of surface sensitive methods, correlation between measured parameters and material properties, μCT & SRμCT as well as SAXS, data processing and analysis: differences between laboratory and synchrotron X‐ray sources, fundamental algorithms for data processing, introduction of relevant programs for visualisation, and introduction in machine / Deep Learning approaches. In addition, there were sessions on biomaterials and (Mg) implant design and performance.

June 2019 I Oslo, Norway

The training sessions in Oslo consisted of the two sections ‘Introduction into the network and techniques’ and a team building workshop for ESRs only:

Introduction into the network and techniques, part I: Financial and administrative matters of the MgSafe training network (coordinator to ESRs), part II: Introduction into network, ESRs (each ESR introduced him/herself to the network), part III: Introduction into network, beneficiaries (PIs of each beneficiary introduced themselves and their institution work package wise, including WP 5 – 7. At the end of each session there was a quiz that allowed everyone to check for him/herself if he/she had received the take home message of the session), part IV: Introduction into dissemination activities and related issues.

Team building workshop: For the preparation, the actual training and the post processing an external professional trainer was hired: Dirk Murray-Palm, a business psychologist with long standing experience in inter- and intrapersonal development. The training consisted of a personality assessment and several exercises to learn team skills. In the end, the ESRs elected their representatives for the different boards and agreed on their communication routes within MgSafe. The latter was fixed in a MgSafe ESRs Virtual Team Charter.