Italian National Research Council - Institute of Clinical Physiology

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Country: Italy
Dept./Division/Laboratory: Institute of Clinical Physiology IFC
Scientist-in-Charge: Prof. Dr. L. Menichetti
Website: CNR-IFC

General description

The Italian National Research Council Institute of Clinical Physiology is situated at Pisa. IFC operates in the context of the Department of Biomedicine and is the largest biomedical institute of CNR. CNR-IFC holds a privileged position in research and higher education, integrating three universities, the largest CNR (National Research Council) Campus in Italy, an internationally recognised University Hospital, and the G. Monasterio Foundation for Public Health and Medical Research. CNR-IFC is reference site for EuroBioImaging (www.eurobioimaging.eu). CNR-IFC cooperates with the School of Advanced Studies Sant’Anna, which provides a number of highly competitive scholarships from different founding organisations (www.santannaschool.eu).

Role in MgSafe

  • Work Package leader of WP2
  • Host of ESRs 6 and 7: Leon Riehakainen and Eduarda da Silva
  • Research topic: Biomarker development in the field of Mg-implants with multimodal and molecular imaging of bone regeneration
  • Scientific part in MgSafe: In vivo PET/(µ)CT and MRI (WP1) and biochemical/biohumoral assays (WP2)