About us

(Early Stage Researchers, ESRs)

We are 15 young scientists from 13 different countries researching different imaging modalities and their optimisation for monitoring Mg-based implants in this training network. Everyone has different objectives to optimise the imaging for this new class of biodegradable Mg-based implants, thereby pushing the safety of degradable magnesium implants even further.

ESR 01 Begüm Okutan from Turkey at MUG
ESR 02 Romy Marek from Switzerland at MUG
ESR 03 Maryam Rahmati from Iran at UiO
ESR 04 Heithem Ben Amara from Tunesia at UGOT
ESR 05 Christina Yiannakou from Cyprus, Greece at MHH
ESR 06 Leon Riehakainen from Estonia at CNR-IFC
ESR 07 Eduarda da Silva from Portugal at CNR-IFC
ESR 08 Hafiz Wajahat Hassan from Pakistan at OsloMet
ESR 09 Diana Martinez from Columbia at WUT
ESR 10 Hanna Ciewka from Poland at Hereon
ESR 11 Kamila Iskhakova from Russia at Hereon
ESR 12 Marwa Chaabane from Tunesia at SCANCO
ESR 13 Mostafa Berangi from Iran at MRI.T
ESR 14 Jonathan Espiritu from Canada at SYN
ESR 15 Valeria Grasso from Italy at VSI